1. Articles must be scholarly, original, current and contribute to African

Musicology generally. They may be in any of the following areas: Theory,

Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Performance, Composition, History,

Book/Album Reviews.

2. Manuscripts should be well typed in Times New Roman, on A-4 sized

paper, double spaced with a margin of 1.5. on all sides of the paper.

3. The length of the article should not be less than 15 pages, including illustration and references.

4. Articles must not have been published or sent for publication else where.

5. The acceptable citation & reference style is APA (5 th edition). The parenthesis should be arranged as illustrated below: Kigozi (2007) wrote: Also, indented quotation should end with (Kigozi, 2007:33-40). Quotation marks should be single. References should be arranged alphabetically at the end of the article.

6. Author’s name, address (including e-mails), short biography and the title of the article should appear on a separate page. The main write-up should start with the title of the paper only without the author’s particulars.

7. An abstract of between about 200 words should also accompany the manuscripts.

8. Articles will be assessed by three reviewers. Authors would be notified of the decision of the editorial board through e-mail.

9. Manuscripts that fail to comply with any of the above guidelines shall be rejected.

10. Papers may be submitted for assessment throughout the year.

11. Submission of Articles should be addressed to The Editor